Test your Air Conditioner (AC) before the heatwave

We often take for granted that our ACs will work forever… but in real life, it’s often when we are in the middle of a heatwave that it will stop working. In order to avoid problems and resorting to sleeping in the basement, it is important to check your AC or have it checked by an HVAC professional at the beginning of the season.

Test your AC: As soon as the temperature goes above 13 degrees you can test your AC. Before proceeding, make sure to remove any protective cover on your outside unit as the AC might overheat.

Turn your AC on: Run the AC for 20 minutes. Does your house cool down? Do you hear unusual noises? If you feel that something is wrong, first check if you have turned off the heat and switched over to cool on your thermostat. Then, verify that your filter is clean or if anything obstructs your ducts or the outside unit. If you can’t find what is wrong, call an HVAC professional to have it inspected.

Have an HVAC professional inspect your system: It is also wise to have an HVAC professional inspect your system every year or every couple of years.

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