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    The applicant(s) consents to the Landlord obtaining personal and employment information on the Applicant(s) from various sources of such information. The Applicant(s) authorizes the reporting agencies and any other person, including personnel from any government ministry or agency, to discuss relevant information about the Applicant(s) to the Landlord. If this application is accepted, the Applicant(s) understands that the above information will be used and disclosed for responding to emergencies, ensuring the orderly management of the tenancy and complying with legal requirements.

    As the property falls under the "Manitoba Housing Affordable HousingRental Program", the maximum adjusted income an applicant may have is:

    - $67,900 for the household without dependents (for 2024)

    - $90,500 for the household with dependents (for 2024)

    As annual adjusted income must be verified, please upload your latest Revenue Canada Notice of Assessment, for all non-dependent applicants.

    I/We understand the Landlord is not responsible for tenants’ possessions. If application is accepted, the tenant must carry tenant’s insurance covering possessions and protecting against liability, and I/We also understand that a copy of the tenant insurance is required as a condition of acceptance and must be sent to the Landlord within the required time frame.

    I/We understand that smoking of any kind (tobacco, cannabis, vaping, etc.) is not permitted in the suites/within the building. Smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas.

    I/We understand that pets, of all descriptions, are not permitted in the suites / within the building:

    Documents to Attach:

    Thank you for filling out our application. Once it is received and reviewed we will contact you to discuss your application and determine if we have any further questions and whether we have an apartment that is suitable and available for your desired move-in date. As well we prefer to meet you first so if you have not already visited the property please call the manager directly to arrange an appointment.

    I have answered all of the questions truthfully to the best of my ability.